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Mother with her Child

The most beautiful language between a Mother and Baby is


Arushi Agrawal

About Me

"I’m on a mission to change every mother's outlook towards breastfeeding and help them enjoy every moment of this journey."

I'm a Certified Lactation Consultant but my journey started out as a mother. The moment my son was born, it felt like the universe had worked its Magic. But that wasn't it.



" I am mother of a 14 days old boy. Initially I also had issues regarding breastfeeding as the doctor had advised me to feed while lying down only due to the stitches. I was not able to feed the baby properly but Arushi advised me the correct way and position to hold the baby and make him feed and it really worked. She also helped me cheer up while I was little depressed about the new change in my life. Arushi is a great friend and consultant and is always available for help. I’m sure everyone of us is going to get benefitted with this nice initiative by her. "

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