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Arushi Agrawal Lactation Consultant

Arushi Agrawal holds certification as a Lactation Consultant from the prestigious International Board of Lactation Consultant (IBCLC. In addition, she also holds certifications as an Infant Massage Instructor, Coaching and Conscious Parenting Mastery.

Arushi Agrawal has worked as a professional with prestigious organizations such as Fortis (La Femme), Surya, and Cocoon in Jaipur. Since she began her journey, she has helped over 5000 new mothers to make their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey a supportive and educational experience.


Her own journey as a mother became the inspiration with which she consults her mothers today. She wants to help the mothers come out of the struggles which come with nurturing and caring for a baby. Her vision is to create a holistic environment for future mothers where they can receive the support and knowledge they need to care for their babies.


I aim to empower mothers with evidence based knowledge and tools to ease their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.


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