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Pause, Breathe and Take in the MOMENT!

When I delivered, after a brief adrenaline rush I became like a soldier out on a war. My mind started to race as to how I can control everything in my child’s life so that according to me, he gets the best. I wanted to control everything : what he is wearing, who is holding my baby, where is he sleeping, if hygiene is maintained around him, if he is eating enough etc etc .. And I totally forgot to pause!!

I totally forgot to enjoy that moment, to just hold my baby in my hand and look at him for sometime. I forgot to smile at him and tell him how happy I was to have him in my life. I forgot to thank god for making so many things fall in place so that I could have a perfect healthy baby. I totally forgot that this is my first and my last experience to become a mother for the first time!!

I totally forgot!

It's my urge to all you moms to pause today, to take a deep breathe and remember to just enjoy this moment. To hug your baby for a longer time, to kiss him more often and just let things take its own course!

Children are like sponges; they absorb all our energies, all our emotions as it is!!

They are a true reflection of you!!

Have you ever realized this?

Have you noticed that the day you are having a bad day, your child is fussier than normal?

Have you experienced that the days you are at your best your child is more at peace?

These are some subtle experiences which we can notice if we pause and reflect!

As parents we are so caught up in doing everything right, to provide the best to our children that we totally forget to enjoy the moment.

We mothers think it's all on our shoulders to work out everything. We feel we are solely responsible for all that happens to our child!

But let me tell you that's not true. Every child is born with some innate skills and qualities that allow them to face different nuances of life. Trust in your child’s instinct, don't underestimate their capabilities and remember that raising a child is a team work so ASK for help!

Ask your family for more support, Ask your friends for their experience, ask your partner for more understanding because , “ there is no destination in motherhood , it's only the journey that's important and you have to make it WORTH IT!”

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