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One Secret that will transform the way you look at Breastfeeding!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Are you still struggling with breastfeeding?

Do you still think that your milk is not enough for your child?

What do you think is most challenging in your breastfeeding experience?

I am about to tell you a secret that will really help you look at things differently.

When I started out as a lactation consultant , I would read books, blogs, different articles to get as much information as I can so that I can help mothers with their various issues. After seeing over 1000 patients I came to realize that this process is “ More Psychological than Physiological.

Yes you heard me right! This process is more about MINDSET than anything else. It doesn't mean that physiological parameters i.e. the anatomy of the breast , the gestational age and weight of the baby etc. does not have a role to play but 80% of your problems will be solved if you change your mindset!

So let's dig deep and see what our beliefs are around breastfeeding. Start with asking these question to yourself:

  • Do you believe in the importance of the process? or Do you think that it can be easily skipped or replaced?

  • Do you believe that it's one of the most natural processes? or Do you think breastfeeding is very technical and difficult?

  • Do you believe that you can do this or you are filled with self doubt ?

It is very critical that we evaluate our beliefs because “Your reality is the reflection of your strongest belief.“

Words have a very profound effect on us and we don't even realize how our reality is shaped by the negative self talk running in our head day in and day out.

Are you telling yourself any of the below:

“My milk supply is very low”, “ My child doesn't know how to suck”, “ Breastfeeding is not made for me”, “ Oh! Breastfeeding is so tiring and taxing!”, “ My child is refusing my breast he probably doesn't love me” or anything that's demeaning your confidence, then it's your cue to STOP.

Every time a negative thought hits your head, change it into something positive. I want you to tell yourself “ Breastfeeding is the most natural thing for both me and my child”, “ I produce more than enough milk for my baby”, “ I will be able to exclusively breastfeed my child for 6 months of his life.” Choose any words that resonate with you the most and repeat it like a mantra every single day till you actually start believing in it.

This is a very SIMPLE tool but you will be surprised by its POWER. It's one tool which never fails to give results. We all know about the importance of positive thinking but now is the time to apply it because this time it's about your child. And every mother gives nothing but the best to their child!

Trust me as I believe in you ! I strongly believe that every mom and baby should experience this beautiful act as only and only you Super MOMS, have the power to breastfeed.

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