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8 symptoms that tell you it’s time to visit a Lactation Consultant!

All moms would agree that baby birth is an overwhelming experience. With life taking a 360 degree turn Moms generally experience difficulty in several areas especially breastfeeding. Breast feeding may be a natural phenomenon but most moms and babies take their own sweet time to get accustomed to this new routine and the right practice. Feeding your baby is psychologically rewarding and a very engaging process. While each body may react differently to the breast feeding phenomenon, Certified Lactation Consultant Arushi Agarwal talks about the top 8 symptoms that should make you want to visit an expert Lactation Consultant right away.

1. Baby not gaining Weight – There is a possibility that in spite of proper breastfeeding the child does not gain enough or any weight at all. It can be very stressful for moms and the opinion of an expert on breast feeding is imperative in such a situation.

2. Painful Breastfeeding This is the single most reason why most women stop breastfeeding their child. In case you experience extreme pain in the nipples or the whole breast when the child latches on, you must immediately consult an expert to address the problem. Else, the beauty of the breastfeeding experience will get lost in the pain.

3. Baby refusing to breast feed – New moms experience a problem where the child does not latch on to the nipple at all or for enough time. There can be several reasons for this including incorrect feeding position, improper posture or defect in baby’s mouth organs. It is important to visit an expert lactation consultant for immediate help.

4. Low Milk Supply – Low milk supply is a common worry gripping new moms. While it takes a few days for breast milk supply to regularise it may take longer in some cases. Troubleshooting and seeking advice from a lactation consultant helps to address this issue in the most holistic way that is beneficial to both mum and baby.

5. Over Milk Supply – While low milk supply causes stress to moms, an oversupply brings its own set of worries. It can be emotionally and physically very difficult to cope with extra milk in the breasts. New moms often get frantic about over feeding their child or worry that the baby doesn’t like the taste of breast milk. It is important to visit a Lactation Consultant to understand the cause, manage diet and regularise the supply of breast milk.

6. Sore Nipples – Pregnancy and Breastfeeding leave your nipples very tender and when your baby pulls and suckles too hard during breast feeding it may cause extra discomfort. If pain and nipple soreness persists for a longer time period it is best to get the expert opinion of a lactation consultant.

7. Premature Birth / Multiples – These days having premature births and twins is a common phenomenon. It is imperative to know the right techniques and patterns while breastfeeding a premature child or twin babies. A lactation consultant can guide you correctly and develop practise and much needed patience in you.

8. Weaning – Weaning is hard – for moms and babies. If you’re deciding to start or struggling to wean off your baby it’s time to visit a lactation consultant who can help you with the transition beautifully.

If you’re looking for help with Breastfeeding your child don’t spend hours researching on Google. Each child is unique, every problem is different. Choose an expert in the field.

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