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5 Most Asked Questions About Pregnancy and Breastfeeding During An Eclipse

2020 is special year marked with 6 major eclipses. With 3 eclipses gone we have a Lunar Eclipse that will take place on the night of 4th and 5th July. In India, it would be morning of July 5th between 8:30 am and 11:30 am. There are several theories about what one should do and not do during an eclipse. Especially if you’re pregnant or a new mom you will be filled with information and advice that can be over-whelming highly disturbing to follow to say the least. As a certified lactation consultant I pick the top questions answering how to feed your little one during an eclipse. Read on to get a holistic point of view.

Q1 Is an eclipse really harmful for pregnant women and babies?

There is no scientific evidence proving that an eclipse can be harmful for pregnant women and new babies. However, in our society the fear is so deep-rooted that many accept these omens and place strict restrictions on them.

Q 2 Can pregnant women and new moms eat during an eclipse?

During an eclipse there is a harmful radiation from the cosmos which can get absorbed in the food we consume. It is therefore advisable for everyone to avoid eating anything during an eclipse especially pregnant women and new moms who are responsible for nurturing a new life. You can cook a fresh meal after the eclipse and eat that.

Q 3 If my new born gets hungry during an eclipse what should I do?

Babies can be unpredictable. If your little one demands food during an eclipse go on and feed him. Avoid any formula or cooked food and stick to breast milk. In fact breast milk is considered the safest meal for your child during an eclipse. It is advisable for moms to eat well before the eclipse starts and refrain from eating during the phenomenon.

Q4 Does the eclipse affect breast milk milk production?

Scientifically there is no evidence that eclipses have any physical effect on humans. Yet, years of belief tell us that eclipses have always been capable of creating strong psychological shifts. So, while there is no direct co-relation of breast milk production and an eclipse, with altering emotions and stress of the eclipse the quality and quantity of breast milk can get affected.

Q5 How is the best way to manage an eclipse?

It is advisable for pregnant moms and new moms to keep themselves as relaxed and composed as possible while the eclipse is on. Avoid stepping out of the house and doing household chores. New moms should hold their babies close to them and spend quality time with them as a child can also sense the cosmos changes and needs the extra comfort.

For any specific lactation queries about the upcoming lunar eclipse feel free to contact certified lactation consultant.

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