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7+ Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Video Consultation With A Lactation Consultant

Maybe you've evaluated the advantages of social distance, maybe you don't have access to a lactation consultant in your region, maybe a video consultation seems more intimidating, maybe you need faster answers?

We want to make sure you get the most out of your time with your lactation consultant, no matter why you're seeking virtual health help. While this is a blog that specially targets breastfeeding issues, these suggestions and tips may also help you think about how to make the most of your time with other healthcare providers.

Our Experts Tips:

1. If your child or baby will be present during the consultation, see if you can have an extra set of hands for videoing. For virtual lactation consults, for example, having a "camera-person" to help free up your hands and provide us with better angles when we need them is quite beneficial. Additionally, having an additional (supporting) person involved in the consultation is always beneficial.

2. Use a device that can be moved easily, such as a phone or tablet, because so much of what we assess requires zooming-in (to observe latch) and zooming-out (to assess positioning), and getting to your desktop's camera to show us a cracked nipple can be difficult when you're holding a small child!

3. Make certain you have adequate lighting. It's nice to have a natural bright light behind the camera, although it's not necessary. If we need to look closer at your anatomy, inside your baby's mouth, or inside pump flanges in action, have a flashlight or another gadget with a flashlight on hand.

4. Have your baby ready (fed and changed) before the start of the video consultation so that there is no disturbance caused during the consultation.

5. If your consultation will include pumping, bottle feeding, or possible suck-training, make sure to have all pump parts, bottles, and pacifiers washed and ready to go to save time.

6. Have realistic expectations for Internet connectivity and signals, and download additional secure communication platforms if necessary.

7. Be realistic about how much time you'll need for your consultation when scheduling. Instead of just stabilizing a few of your breastfeeding challenges, we want to completely resolve all of them.

8. If you are having an issue related to latching or positioning, do send a clear video beforehand to the LC so that he or she can check your latch.

9. Fill out the Patient Details form carefully before the consultation. Note down all your questions beforehand and while attending the one on one session, be patient, ask a question and then let the specialist speak, listen to them carefully and then shoot up your next question.

10. Login to the zoom session a couple of minutes before it begins. In case you need to cancel due to an emergency follow up with your LC about the same. It can be rude to keep someone waiting right. So let's value each other's time and keep each other well informed about our availability.

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